Quotes from recent press…

“… an exciting example of how fresh and fine the state of contemporary jazz is, how musicians are expanding this still young music into new territory while maintaining its core values… A beguiling, fascinating recording and a stunning debut.” – thebigcityblog

“Ideas are meant to be broken down, rearranged and reincarnated. Through Openness. Interpretation. Impression. Emotion. This music is stamped with all of those characteristics.” – Indieball.com

“Pulling together the best aspects of modern rock and jazz the group has created unique and compelling album.” – All About Jazz

“It’s like a bizarre cross between Radiohead, Robert Wyatt, The Bad Plus and Nico.” – Jay Stansfield

“Swoonsome” – Time Out New York

“Melding modern, upbeat jazz with spidery guitar work and spooky, sometimes wordless vocals, Chris Parrello + Things I Wonder are difficult to pin down. But whatever you want to call them, the music is the ultimate expression of city life — at times fast, at times slow, always complex and loaded with international flair — and a testament to Parrello’s East Village upbringing.” – BeaconPass

“Parrello explores frequently dark and cinematic ideas… to create soundscapes that seem to invoke modern classical chamber music as much as jazz.” – LEO Weekly

“A scholarly guitar virtuoso” – WECB Radio

“Parrello’s compositions, not just of the individual songs but also of the songs within the album, are thoughtfully gorgeous, equally matching the sheer beauty of Karlie Bruce’s vocals and lyrics.” – Indieball.com

“Artists who let their streams of consciousness flood into their finished output wield either a millstone of grandiloquence or an undeniable charisma, a power to drag listeners out of their comfort zones and somehow manipulate their kicking and screaming to compliment the music like ambience from the studio. Rarely does such an ambitious scope have the immediate poignance required to shed the weight of the former; for a musician to assume his ideas of music either concord with or supersede his listeners’ is more insulting and off-putting than charming. Chris Parrello and his band of misfit virtuosos dodge that anvil with a pop-minded approach to experimentation that is as inherent as it is unconscious.” – WECB Radio

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